“Laura is an incredibly attentive and knowledgeable coach who has provided me with daily workouts and personalized triathlon and marathon training for a little over 6 months now. I am a stronger and smarter athlete because of her focus and attention to my training. I feel truly valued as a person and supported as a competitive athlete.” – Lydia K., Maine

“Laura explained the how, and when to fuel my body, for riding, the depth and spectrum of her knowledge in this one area alone kept me strong during rides, and workouts. She helped me understand my deficiencies, and improve upon them, becoming a much better rider.  Even though Laura is an extremely accomplished athlete, she was able to create a successful  (a 54 year old beginner-intermediate) training program, for strength and conditioning.”
– Tom R., Andover, MA.

“Thanks for spending so much time coaching Mitch. He really respects you and you’ve really inspired him this xc ski racing season. Clint and I are bursting with pride with how well he’s doing this year!
– Rachel H., Dayton, Maine

“Thank you again for coaching me through my ITU Race in New Zealand. You taught me more than you can imagine and I really appreciate it. I hope that I keep growing and can further my career in triathlon.”
– Ashley T., Colorado Springs, Colorado

“You are a great support to me and I appreciate the time you take to really listen to what I have to say. You will be able to push me to my potential.” Thank you.
– Sue Y., Topsham, Maine

“I have recently started working with Coach Laura. She has been great – knowledgeable, good listener, and able to hone in on my individual strengths and the areas which need development. The workouts are thoughtful and complete – never compromising quality. I am confident that I will achieve my goals this year and in the future. Thanks, Laura!” – Katherine W., Cumberland, Maine

“I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your class this morning & look forward to participating going forward. I am new to exercising although I’ve always struggled w/my weight. I enjoyed your Outdoor Fitness Training class so much today b/c I’m getting bored w/ my routine. I did exercises w/you today that I didn’t think I could accomplish. I loved it & was very proud of my accomplishments today. Thank you, I really enjoy your approach.”
-Maryanna, York, Maine

“Having Laura prepare my training plan is so liberating–I don’t have to worry whether I am making the right training choices. Her plans are wonderful and keep even things like riding my indoor trainer fun and varied. The results are increased confidence, improved performance and a sense of well-being and health that is priceless. I am looking forward to my first triathalon this summer. I know that I will be prepared thanks to NEET. Laura’s attention to a minor but persistent injury even got me loving running again!”
– Jeanna, Concord, New Hampshire

“You’ve taught me what it was to train…I realized just how much I love being outside and staying healthy and active. So thanks for all of your wise supervision and mental magic tricks. Mental and physical endurance is a more important quality than people give credit to. I thank you a thousand times for showing me that I have some. I never would have realized endurance in myself if it weren’t for this experience. I cant thank you enough.”
– Lexi B. Bedford, New Hampshire

“The 1/2 marathon was a really good thing for me to accomplish! I am looking forward to my next event as a goal! It was a great first experience! I was happy to do all the right things and just finish! I had a very fun day at the race. Thanks for all of your help in this. I couldn’t have done it without your training plan & advice!”
– Joyce P. Berwick, Maine

“I’m still on a great high from this morning’s workout with you. I expect it’ll last another couple of hours. It was a great session, and I seriously thank you for all your expertise and encouragement.

Having read practically every word on your website, I’m not only inspired but pretty amazed by you! It always feels strange to tell a younger person, “I hope to grow up to be just like You,” but hey…. you get my drift. Massive races and challenges like the one’s whose as##es you’ve kicked? — well, I don’t believe I’m headed in that direction. However, I’m recognizing that my goal is extremely simple, AND attainable. Lose weight, get fit, live well here forward. Attainable with the right tools and inspiration, that is. I picked up a healthy new dose of hope and confidence thanks to our morning’s meeting.

So just wanted to write and say thanks, you’re freaking amazing, and I’m really looking forward to next time.”
– Sarah H. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

“New England Endurance Fitness / Laura Creagan is a phenomenal personal trainer. She inspired and helped me attain my triathlon and cycling goals. She is innovative — creating training programs to fit your goals and time commitments. I highly recommend working with her — you’ll amaze yourself with what you’ll accomplish!”
– Christina, Hooksett, New Hampshire

“I planned an 80-mile ride for this last Saturday and did it. It turned out to be a pretty hilly route, with lots of wind. It also had a 5-mile stretch of hard pack, which slowed us down only a little. Between losing 15-17 pounds, feeling great on and off the bike (even running), and managing to get ready for the China trip, all while keeping pretty faithfully to my training schedule, I am delighted with how things are going.”
– Jeanna, Concord, New Hampshire

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